DC and The Boys

Beauval, Saskatchewans own Country Music Entertainer. Don Corrigal has been entertaining for over 35 years. Currently, his sons Donny, plays Lead, and Roland Plays the drums. Kelly Dinsdale handles the Bass and DC himself plays, rythm guitar, does most of the vocals and can even play a few fiddle tunes.

When DC is giving his voice a break, the young boys play their own tunes of hard rock with Kelly doing the vocals. The younger boys also have their own group called Insomnia. DC and The Boys are proving they can play to any age and their popularity is growing. DC had wanted to retire, but people in Northern Saskatchewan keep calling him to entertain, and he just does not want to say no.
For more information call Don Corrigal at (306)288-2029 or Fax (306)288-2278
You can also E-Mail a request for rates to DC by pressing on the wolf .

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