Rick Laliberte - MP

Northern Saskatchewan is represented by a northern born, northern raised Metis.

Rick speaks fluent Cree-Michif and understands most of the issues.

From farming crisis along the forest fringe, commercial fishing concerns throughout the north, forestry and development concerns to working for the people in the far north so that the federal circumpolar line be moved to include the communities in the dar north. As we are all aware transportation is mainly by air. With the opening of the road to Black Lake, communities such as Stoney Rapids will soon have year-round access to the south.

I thank all my supporters with their votes and belief in a northern Saskatchewan we live in.

Rick Laliberte is now living in Beauval, building a new house on the banks of the Beaver River. Rick and Val's original house was gutted by a flash fire a couple winters ago. It has been a long haul for Rick and Val living in and out of suitcases. The family is now living in the new house as Rick hones his handyman skills and gets the rust and cobwebs out of his carpenter's belt.

E-Mail: riverfl0w13@sk.sympatico.ca

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