Ski-Doo Racing

Beausejour, Manitoba

In 1996 my spouse and I both attended the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. One of my favourite sports has always been snowmobile racing so Deb and I headed out for Beausejour one fine March afternoon. The weather was near perfect, it wasn't too cold and the sun was shining bright but the wind chill was a little sharp. I enjoyed watching Dave Wahl and Jacque Villenieuve fighting it out for bragging rights. We went home that evening knowing we got our money's worth.

Formula I at the starting gate

Notice that number 96 Jocko has a jump on the rest of the racers as the start flag drops.

Formula III, the big sleds are ready to launch

One of the Wahk boys flying around the corner

Jacque leads the pack in this race.

What is a snowmobile racing event without the old antiques holding a parade.

A relic that doesn't want to die; a Sno Jet wins this one.

Stock sleds are ready to fly.

Red sleds are the Wahl Racers, and Jacque V is in front again.

1970's are back, or so I thought when I saw these one time state of the art sleds.

Debbie smiling even though the weather was nice, the wind chill was still a bother.

Looks likLooks like one of the Wahl boys is gonna win this one!

Classic No. 96 Streaking on Ice


The weekend was a real success and it was nice to get away from all the books and reading for a few hours.

Here are a few old photos of my racing days in Ile a la Crosse


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