Mike's Computer Generated Art

I have a Waccom Pen Tablet which I use to draw, write and create computer generated artwork. I use Painter Classic, Adobe Photoshop with a variety of filters such as flood, pentools, eye candy and other neat graphic tools. I used Pagemaker 6.5 for publications created for printing. I also find that Adobe Distiller works real good with Pagemaker when making PDF files that have to be sent by email. For my web creations I use Macromedia Studio MX which includes Dreamweaver html editor, MX Flash for that flashy stuff.

BEFORE - I combined a painting I did of mountains, and took a premade female figure from the "Painter Tools" program. I cut her out of another photo but I couldn't make it transparent; that is why the grey background behind her, Then I applied the "flood" filter from Photoshop and some painting with Painter. It should get better with practice.
AFTER - I used the cloning tool to copy water from different areas used to fill in the plain grey background when I pasted the figure. I also cloned the tree and filled in shades to make it appear more realistic...so really pictures can lie.
For future use - I have several photos of the old residence being ripped down.
BIEC was a landmark off the banks of the Beaver River. CLICK on the photo and watch a Quicktime Slide show of the tearing down of BIEC.

Apihtokosan has gone neon
Testing Banner Ads
Painter Classic program sure works slick!
Trying out airbrush settings on Painter
self explanetory
The Late Valmore Corrigal takes you to memorial site.
Created a rock pile then planted trees, then I cut my pic out of a different photo and imposed myself onto this photo. I am supposed to be a giant here in this pic.
The late Doug Sahm - the original photo is missing half the photo as I ran out of film while photographing Doug at the Beauval Jamboree in 1989. Fixed it with Photoshop and Painter.

When I was 150 lbs soaked and wet and I had the fastest sled in town.

I also used a painting I did of a deHavilland Beaver aircraft and played with the picture with the Painter program.

Can you see Debbie and I amongst the Ivy??



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