Ile-a-la-Crosse Pictures and Stories

Ile-a-la-Crosse is predominantly a Metis community where Cree-Michif was the first language; today, it is not so. But, there is work being done to save the language.

The first church was constructed in 1846 and 150 years later celebrations were held in the community.

Many former residents, nuns, hospital professionals, friends travelled to Sakitawak to celebrate Mass. Sister Beaudoin from Calgary, family from several provinces came to share the history of our community. It was once the centre of the Keewatin Diocese. It was once labelled as the Capitale du Solitude by the Oblates. Many old priests have chosen to be buried here once their life has breadth its last.

Charlie Ramsey and his brother (named not known at this time) serve mass as they had done fifty years earlier. These two same brothers had been alter boys in 1946.

My Uncle Joe (blue coat) and Aunt Christine (purple dress) Misponas as sitting in the front row. My Uncle Leon purple shirt) and Aunt Clara (white spotted blouse) Morin are sitting behind them. Ovide (light blue shirt) Desjarlais is sitting closest to the right side of the photo. Daniel (white shirt/black sweater) Daigneault is sitting to his right.

My Auntie Mary and Uncle Jonas Daigneault have a special story in my life. Aunt Mary is my human stork who, along with (then) fiance Jonas, met me as a new born, at the arrival of the mail plane and took me across the lake in a canoe with an 8 horse motor to deliver me to my new parents and new home in Sandy Point. It is getting close to fifty years ago. Here is the rest of the story. (coming shortly)


Many of my relations are siting here. The gentleman with the blue coat and the lady to his left are uncle Joe and aunt Christine Misponas, Uncle Leon and Clara Morin are in Purple shirt and white and dark spotted blouse.

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