A young looking Fred, Bingo and the Late Valmore Corrigal at one of the earlier Beauval Jamborees.

Just The Boyz - Biography

Fred Roy
Barry Kimbley
Jason Burnouf
Dean Gauthier
Darwin Roy


(1) Every story begins with a long, long time ago in a town far, far away .... Our story begins in 1987, in a town called Beauval. It was the end of an era and the beginning of what would be a prestigious and obstacle filled career for a group of friends.


(2) Don “DC” Corrigal of DC & the Country Boys had just decided to call it quits after many years in the spotlight, and the Country Boys which consisted of Fred Roy, Wayne Laliberte, Grant Kimbley and Bill Roy wanted to continue with their career aspirations. They then began their endeavors with a “Name the Band” contest, after several entries, they decided on their new moniker “Just the Boyz”.

(4) Just before recording began, Bill Roy departed the band to further his education; the remaining members would then recruit David Durocher to appear as special guest on the album. After the release of the album, “Just the Boyz” were in demand resulting in an increase of booking dates to communities both near and far from Beauval. The years would pass and the band found themselves saying farewell to David Durocher and hello to Ron Eldridge and Jason Burnouf, also the departure of Fred Roy would see the return of Bill Roy on Bass.

(5) At this time, the band found they needed a permanent fiddle player to satisfy the audience’s demand for the fiddle, in the past they had relied on Valmore Corrigal but he was often unable to attend dates for professional reasons and looked locally to recruit Kelvin McCallum. Another change that occurred was the replacement of Drummers, Mervin Morin left and that made way for Wayne Laliberte to return to his old post.

(7) By 1995 “Just the Boyz” would once again undergo changes, in the helm was Bill Roy. He now had the task of reshaping the band, his final choice would be; Fred Roy – Bass, Bill Roy – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Barry Kimbley – Drums, Jason Burnouf – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar and Kelvin McCallum – Fiddle.



(8) In 1996, the Boyz entered a “Battle of the Bands” contest in Island Lake with the Grand Prize being a recording contract. The Boyz, as they have in the past, won the admiration of the judges and left Island Lake with a recording contract.. After the recording, the band once again made changes with the departure of Kelvin McCallum and the arrival of Dean Gauthier and Darwin Roy. With the popularity of the album, the Band found they were playing more frequently and took it upon themselves to hire Darrel Burnouf as Sound Engineer for their live events.
(9) By October 2001, Bill Roy decided to challenge himself after already taking the role of Rhythm, Lead, and Bass during his memorable career with “Just the Boyz’, he felt the challenge would lie with him playing the role of Drummer. His decision to depart the band would give birth to a new band from Beauval “New Horizon”, with Bill Roy on Drums.


(10) It is now 2004 and “Just the Boyz” now consists of Barry Kimbley on Drums, Fred Roy on Bass, Dean Gauthier on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jason Burnouf on Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals, Darwin Roy on Keyboards/Vocals and Darrel Burnouf on Sound. As we look back at the career of ‘Just the Boyz”, through all the changes and hardships that the band underwent we find that the Band is still here looking towards the future. Just the Boyz would like to give thanks to all the fans and friends they have made on their many travels these past years.

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