Girls Residence

1- Marie Clara Corrigal; 2 - Helen (Petit) Clarke, Buffalo Narrows; (I think the fair-haired lady below Helen is Irene (Daigneault) Gardiner.3 - Annette Gardiner - Meadow Lake; 4 - Clara (Daigneault) Morin; 5 - Leonie (Desjarlais) Durocher; 6 - Antoinette (Lariviere) Gardiner; 7 - Evelyn Lariviere; 8 - Rose (Maurice) Daigneault; 9 - Christine (Morin) Favel Ý - McKay; 10 - Beatrice (Caisse) Gardiner; 11 - Alice (Daigneault) Georges; 12 - Irene (Johnson) Desjarlais; 13 - Mary (Johnson) Desjarlais; 14 - Antoinette Desjarlais - La Ronge; 15 - Elizabeth (Morin) Hood, Beauval; 16 - Anne (Caisse) LeFleur, Beauval; 17- Margaret Chartier, Buffalo Narrows; 18 - Mary (Moise) Morin; 19 - Flora (johnson) Jerome, La Ronge; 20 - Fr.Remey, Ý; 21 - Georgina Iron, behind her is Alice Chartier. Beside her in front of window is Georgina Corrigal. Beside no. 10 is Julia McCallum, no number on her.(These last three names provided by Toni Desjarlais and daughter Melanie.)

NOTE: I never had Mary pointed out so I can't guess which one she is; hopefully someone in the family will let me know soon. Other students' or descendants should email me with the name and location so I can identify as many as possible. Send me old pictures and I will put them on the net.  Thank you.

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