Nut Point Cuisine

My partner Debbie and I enjoy spending evenings cooking supper over an open fire. However, there is a "Fire Ban" across northern Saskatchewan and we can't cook the way we want. So, we went and bought a gas stove with attached grill; it works just great but, it can't beat cooking over a bed of red hot poplar wood coals. Nut Point is a scenic campground which converts into three ski trail loops and I believe some are lit for night skiing. The Nut Point hiking trail starts off from this area and this hiking trail is about 15 kilometers so it is recommended that you plan an overnight trek because the terrain is extremely rugged. You will be busy climbing up and down rocks and cracks in the Pre-cambrian Shield.

Preparing the meat for the grill.

Checking the heat - it has to be just right!

Debbs pouring the coffee - and look at the great outdoors

Cranberry flowers are blooming

Rock outcrops are a common site in this area of the north.

Debbs enjoying the outdoors

Two choppers: one that works fighting forest fires and the other kills mosquitos.

Four wheel driving and a bathtub with a 9.9 evinrude takes us almost anywhere we want to go, except all the big lakes.

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