robert m. cohnstaedt
(aka puttputt)

Stained Glass Artist

Rob Cohnstaedt who was born in Northern Saskatchewan and is of Cree and French Heritage titled a recent gallery exhibit of his stained glass art. "Maskwa" is the Cree word for Bear. In the Cree tradition the bear, the most intelligent and powerful of land animals, is also a symbol of healing. Designing and creating stained glass art has had a wonderfully healing effect not only on Robert cohnstaedt himself but on those who are priviliged to see the work.
My brother Robert Cohnstaedt was raised in Lumsden which is just a few minutes north of Regina, Saskatchewan.  From an early age Robert has shown that he has artistic qualities. He has worked with water colours, oils, pastels, and acrylic however, he has found that he creates amazing stained glass articles.  I have included three of his pieces however, he has made huge hanging lamps and it appears he has found that he can create amazing pieces of stained glass portraying Aboriginal themes. Robert lives in Toronto, Ontario however, if you are interested in having Robert create stain glass art for you, then maybe you should give him a call. Telephone number (416) 923-1301 - Please leave a message or call later in the evenings as he spends his days working outside of his dwelling.

He sells loons for around one hundred and fifty dollars; the butterfly goes for around two hundred dollars and the fish sells for one hundred and twenty dollars.  All these prices are in Canadian funds.




Northern Loon
Monarch Butterfly
Deboned Fish

Recent Additions to Rob's Collection


Telephone: (416) 923-1301

E-Mail: joyc@YorkU.CA


Copyright - The Aboriginal themes and designs are the original work and copyright of Robert M. Cohnstaedt

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