Ile-a-la-Crosse Roman Catholic Church Records
1867 - 1912

Below are just a few examples of Church records that can be scanned then used for printing records for family; photos of Church records such as these create archives for families to show their children and grandchildren. Genealogy is the term for tracing one's roots as far back into history as possible.

Because of the Sandy Point re-union I have placed some pics here specifically for relatives wanting to look back in time and how even these records were maintained. Fires would have been the biggest worry therefore, a priest carried the church records alongside his Bible and Epistle.


Ambroise Morin
(died w/i year of birth) 1904

Moshoom Ambroise Morin
Born 1906

Confirmations 1906
Can you find a great-great grandfather?

Confirmations 1911

Charles Eugene Belanger 1907

Edward Kimbley 1908

Felix Morin 1903

Robbie gardiner 1884

Marie Durocher 1877

George Gardiner

Gregoire Malbeouf 1904

Louis Misponas 1877

More will be added over the next while.