Map of Sandy Point


  1. Ambroise and Marie Jean(Lariviere) Morin before they moved to Ile a la Crosse in 1960 for two reasons; first grandpa's health and secondly, Don,Sony, Marie Rose and Myself were all starting school so they didn't want us to stay in the residences.Grandma's sister is George Gardiner's wife Adelaide. After the grandparents moved across, uncle Jules Morin newly married to Therase Desjarlais, moved in and raised 7 children. Jules moved across to town in the late 70's.
  2. Leon and Clara (Daigneault) Morin, duplex until early sixty's.
  3. Frank and Marie Rose (Iron) Morin before moving across in the mid-sixties.
  4. My first home, a one room log cabin. Leon used it for years as a shed and garage so we could wrench our ski-doos.
  5. My second home which we would leave several times in my childhood as Dad moved us to Deep River where he worked in a mink ranch. When Mom and Dad moved across in '74 Dad gave the house to Johnny who tore it down and used the material.
  6. Joe and Christine (Morin) Misponas had a square log house but moved to Sucker Point which was a small reserve from English River First Nation.
  7. Uncle Leon built this house which developed several wings as the family grew. Today, only the original structure remains.
  8. George and Adelaide (Lariviere) Gardiner settled and raised a large family here. George and my grandfather worked for the HBC and trapped together, they were good friends and married sisters. Here is an example of harmonious English and French unions with our grandmothers as matriarchs.
  9. Albert and Irene (Daifneault) Gardiner had one part of the duplex where they raised their children before moving to the point just around the corner from Sandy Point but towards town.
  10. Johnny and Elizabeth (McCallum) Gardiner original home.
  11. Johnny Gardiner's third house and exists today.
  12. Jeffery and Beatrice (Caisse) Gardiner before they moved to Beaver River where Jeffery worked in a mink ranch for Ed Therieu or Fred Darbyshire.
  13. Johnny Gardiner's mansion on the hill but was too far removed from the rest of us so relocated closer and back on our island.
  14. Larry and Gladys first built their summer home many years ago at Sandy Point; something like an ocean front property. We lost our aunt to illness however, her memories will always be there. Today Larry has remarried and Marion now shares the family cabin.
  15. Solabit - On the NE shore of the mainland behind Sandy Point is where the Lariviere family were raised. Grandma Marie Jean Morin, (BeBee) sisters Adelaide (Matsoos), Mrs Alex Ahenakew (Buckley Belanger's Grandmother), Charlie Lariviere were one of the first Metis family to settle on Sandy Point. Also, toward the West of solabit is where Wihtigo lived. We were not allowed to go too far into the bush so we followed the trails of the horses and cows as we hunted for rabbits and grouse. There were also spots where we picked strawberries, raspberries, blue berries and hazel nuts.


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