Fishing on The Churchill River

Debbs and I entered the Stanley Mission Fishing Derby on the weekend of June 22, 2002 and enjoyed a full day of fishing. We caught more than our share of walleye and a few northern pikes. If we kept all the fish we caught our limit would have been over before 10 a.m. so we threw back all the fish and waited until later in the day to keep our limit for the day. Needless to say, we spent ten hours on the Churchill River and Drop Lake area.

On Friday, we drove to Stanley Mission from La Ronge, a trip that takes about an hour. We planned on camping in Frosty and Brenda's backyard, a hop, skip and jump from the water. Of course Frosty, as usual, was down south and would not be back until Saturday. We were sitting outside Frosty's when a guy walked over and asked if we were waiting for Frosty and whether we were going to enter the fish derby. He then offered us ro go fish with him the next day. He must have felt sorry for us after looking at the little tub on the roof of the jeep.

The next morning, he came over about 7:30 to confirm we were going with him and he drove his boat around to the shore near Frosty's. I introduced myself and found out he was Robin Clarke, brother to a fellow university student Vicky, a good friend of mine. What a small world. Debb and I sure laughed later too, because when Robin came over to see us, he knew me by my name - he later told me that he had seen me on APTN. I don't know how many people have said that to me. Hmm, an APTN star and I didn't know it!

Anyways, we sure had a great time fishing and Robin's hospitality was first class. I found a new friend and fishing companion. And, he sure knows how to navigate the Churchill River, considering he grew up on Reindeer Lake.

The Highway from the turn-off is 39 km into Stanley Mission. Under 90 km total from La Ronge.

Boats returning to the weigh-in tent to see if their fish made the grade.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church is the oldest Church in the province of Saskatchewan. It receives many toursits who fly in from La Ronge, many others boat across and still others that stop in as they canoe the mighty Churchill River.

Debbie enjoying the smokey day as Robin steers the boat. There was a lot of smoke in the air at 8:30 in the morning as the smoke from the forest fires dropped with the cooling night temperatures. By evening all the smoke has risen with the heat of the day.

Stanley Mission locals vying for the boat and motor that will be given for first prize.

Stanley Mission at 7:30 a.m. all covered in smoke.

Big Stanley Rapids going downstream. The boat is steeredto the right, close to the wall of rocks, sort of to the right of the white foaming water.

Going upstream the boat is steered with the left side closest to the rock walls. I was really impressed with how well Robin knew the Churchill River. It doesn't look big in the picture but try it live, I guarantee you will have a different perspective.

Stanley Mission

One of many rocky islands along the Churchill River.

The shoreline of Last Mountain Lake where Stanley Mission is situated is lined with boats all the way around. It is evident how important the Churchill River is to the people of Stanley Mission.

Another view of the shoreline.

A distant view of the community sitting on the rocky hillside. The church would be to my right.



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