Sandy Point Reunion 1999

I really enjoyed the get-together with other former Sandy Point residents during the summer of 1999, unfortunately, and with regret, my family and I were not able to attend the second gathering during the summer of 2000. Sandy Point is an old Metis homestead and has been occupied by Metis for at least two hundred years.

Below are a few photos of the summer of 1999.

A nice evening to travel by boat to get to Sandy Point which is about 5.5 miles NE of the community of Ile-a-la-Crosse.

Duncan Gardiner in the foreground; Mrs. Beatrice Caisse with her back towards the camera; Harry Gardiner in red jacket; Irene Gardiner in the center, Glen McCallum (visitor) Jimmy Lariviere; Margaret Hodgson nee Gardiner facing the camera.

Too bad I didn't use my flash with this picture. Uncle Leon Morin with several members of his family are swallowed by the shade. Leon is standing against the corner. Unfortunately the rest are not really clear enough to identify.

All we did was visit, laugh, eat, no booze, sleep, talk about the good old days and generally enjoying each other's company. It is not often that members of Sandy Point get together to enjoy the island and all that it offers.

Mrs. Harry Gardiner and Big Lou enjoying an outdoor meal.

Outdoor story telling and lots of laughs.

The cooks are busy preparing the outdoor meal; Tsi Boy Iron of MBC Radio fame and lady friend Kim are getting ready to dish out their meal. The lady with the green top appears to Becky Belanger wife of SERM Minister and a proud Metis, Buckley Belanger. Buckley's claim to fame with Sandy Point is that he was kept by my grandmother for a short while after the tragic airplane accident that claimed his mother's life. Irene Gardiner, big Lou's mom is busy as usual.

Lazing outside Johnny and Elizabeth Gardiner's house

This is Sucker Point a mile East of Sandy Point where our treaty cousins the Misponas moved to; it is a small reserve part of the English River First Nation.

Sandy Point Reunion at South Bay 2000

Debbie, Dad (Joe) Myself and

my twins Kashtin and Meghan

Jimmy Lariviere, family and relatives

Group shot of some relations that attended


Claire, Vital and Jimmy

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