The Hanging of Louis Riel

In 1885, front page headlines across Canada, The news stories reported on one of the most important events in the history of Canada, the execution of Louis Riel. At the time of the execution many newspapers across Canada printed accounts and reactions to the hanging of Riel.

At the time, The Manitoba Daily Free Press located in Winnipeg printed a total of 12 separate stories on the execution. In the March 16, 1997 issue of the The Winnipeg Free Press, these original stories were reprinted.

  • The Final Act
  • Last Memoirs
  • Michel Dumont Statement
  • The News in the East
  • Interview with Riel by the Globe
  • Another account
  • Chronology of RielŐs Life
  • Return toThe Metis Man
    Copyright Michael J. Durocher, 1997