MJDurocher Art Work

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I have always enjoyed art; I remember when I was about ten, I won a drawing contest at the Metis (Indian) Residence. Other than that I spent my life doodling, did absurd abstract with coloured pens. In my twenties I tried oil paints but got frustrated when my paint would dry for so long. Ray Smith assistant director of NORTEP-NORPAC gave me the idea to try acrylic. Thanks Bunker.


Some of my earlier works are quite rough, all the while learning the different techniques in using brushes, different surfaces, paints, blending and of course trying to make some object look realistic.

This eagle was taken from a book. I sketched the eagle freehand using an ordinary pencil then I began working with the paints. As you can see I have some improving to do.

This is what I call my wash board. All the excess paint on my palette is painted onto a newspaper. Yes, the paper this painting is on, is only an ordinary newspaper...in this case, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix. I realize water is very difficult to paint so I decided I might as well begin now rather than later.

My Second Commissioned Work. My Principal Richard Yaholnitsky wanted to give his lady friend Carla a Valentine's Gift with a mystical message. Completed February 2002. 16 by 20 inch canvas board.


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