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The following links lead to pages of Northern Saskatchewan and Other Canadian Artists wo have their crafts available over the Internet. The idea is to eventually have a whole variety of artists, crafts people, musicians and even outfitters to offer their crafts, services and music over the Internet via e-commerce.

In the meantime if you want to talk to these people about their crafts, telephone numbers are included.


Cecile Bouvier
Elder, creates beautiful moosehide
handicraft, mocassins, leather gloves,
jacketsall beadedto your liking. A Burnouf
daughter of the legendary Joseph that did
so much for Beauval.

Robert Constaedt
Brother lives in Toronto. He is a
stained glass artist.
DC Corrigal - Country/Rock
Beauval's Original. Don has helped many
young musicians make a start by playing with
Don before they venture off to new adventures.
Edna Daigneault
A Sakitawak Skwew, a Nortep Graduate now teaching at Pinehouse.
Ray Smith
NORTEP Instructor, Assistant
Director of the Program.
Just The Boyz
Beauval boys, plays Top 40 and Originals.
Danny Clarke
Creates a variety of Dream Catchers. From small one ring to multiple ringed and globed dreamcatchers.
Mike Durocher
Yours truly, found out a few years
ago that I could actually paint.
Adam Daigneault - Fiddle
Ile-a-la-Crosse keem moots blues guitarist.
Plays fiddle so well, he hits MBC Radio
airwaves several times a week.

J.B. Custer

Whereabouts Unknown

Roger Jerome

Completed a centenary mural inside the Legislative Assembly

Frankie Morin - guitarist

We lost our dear friend to the Creator. I guess he likes a little guitar pickin too.

Fred Campbell

Principal St Louis School

Simon Paul

Whereabouts Unknown

Breach of Trust

On Tour

Irene Campbell


Marius Paul


Red Blaze - Ray Villebrun
Sue Gamble
Robbie Jerome
La Ronge

Insomnia - New Rock

La Ronge

New Horizon
Beauval/Buffalo Narrows
Lounge Act

No Kurfew

Delores Sands
Muskeg Lake First Nation
Kal McCallum

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